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2022 Letterpess Calendars Are Here!



Join us for a day-long workshop of letterpress printing. Classes are typically held on a Saturday from 10:30 to 4:00 in the studio in the Chautauqua neighborhood in Boulder, Colorado.

In the workshops you’ll learn how to set type and how to create your own layout with metal type and vintage printer’s ornaments. You’ll learn the basics of letterpress printing on a 100 year-old platen press and leave this one-day class with a basic understanding of letterpress printing. Take home a set of personalized note cards that you’ve designed and printed yourself! 

Workshops have been on hold for the past year but we'll be up and ready to start again in May 2021.

If you would like to participate in a semi-private letterpress workshop get in touch. We'll teach a day-long class for 3 to 4 participants, on your schedule, if you can’t make a Saturday workshop.


Watch a short video of a typical workshop.

 Due to Covid-19 restrictions we're not on the current Two Hands Paperie class schedule. We hope to get back to it in the fall offering classes through the shop for 3-6 participants.